Hashtag Leather

  • *4 – 6 quick-access cards

    *Holds 5 – 8 cards

    *Front and back storage for 2-4 additional cards

    *Safe access Central pocket for folded bills

    *Leather Lanyard

    *Premium Italian Leather

    *Infused with batik design

    *11 x 8 cm

    *Customisable and combinable with #Comkey



Patina – a word that sends shivers down spines globally...in the best way possible. a patina represents the hallmark of a leather product that oozes the highest quality in the world of premium leather. A soft, subtle sheen naturally develops on the surface, breathing true character into a wallet that’s one-of-a-kind. Typically, only older goods radiate such personality. Thanks to hashtag leather, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. new-age bliss with age-old character. it’s like an impeccable coat of arms, one that you can enjoy knowing no-one else has the same thing


Stunningly artistic. Undeniably unique.

We believe in providing nothing but the very best for our valued customers. That’s why we carefully infuse world-class Indonesian Batik, connecting you to a masterpiece of heritage and humanity.


Nothing can compare to the fusion of convenience and elegance introduced by world-class Italian Leather. Sauvage is crafted on high-quality hides, boasting a pleasing semi-aniline handle. A subtle, gracious two-tone effect can be seen at a glance, achieved through pigmentation of the initial coat. Layer coats contain a contrasting dye, giving you a timeless accessory to be proud of.

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