About Us

Welcome to hashtag leather; home to premium, original leather goods that are simple, functional, elegant...and timeless.

The hashtag. A simple sign that has been taking the world by storm over the past few years. It serves a lot of purposes, wearing many different hats. Many people across the globe use the hashtag sign to categorize items of all kinds, making things easier to find and share in a moment’s notice. It’s with this in mind that Hashtag Leather was born; a humble company with a larger than life vision. We turn premium materials into powerful, convenient solutions that allow you to keep your stuff organized and categorized for intuitive daily use...on the spot or on the move.

Leather makes us tick. We adore every inch of its premium, high-quality potential. We also have a passion for products that stand out from the crowd, crafted with a unique flair that combines trusted techniques with a forward-thinking mindset. We have one vision, and one vision only: to make your life easier and more convenient.

From the slimmest of card wallets and passport holders to the most stylish and durable of iPad pouches (and everything else in-between) you’ve certainly come to the right place. Why? Because we know no compromise. Your contemporary needs are our top priority. It’s our job to break the mold, push the limits, and blur the line between quality and style.